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The leading medical 3D microsurgery system prover
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Tronware in BriefA New 3D Vision for the future.

Tronware Medtech Inc., the leading medical 3D microsurgery system provider, develops and produces high-tech precision 3D microscopy to create safe and comfortable surgical environment.

Why choose Us?

Core Competence.Advance medical devices and optical systems

Our core competence is the developing and producing oa advance medical devices and optical systems for microsurgery. We commit to provide the standard of future 3D surgical image with innovative technology.

Why choose Us?

3D MicroscopeFor sprecise and safe surgery

Tronware 3D Microscopes are created with the highest precision and resolution, presenting in 4K 3D display, providing excellent digital stereo image, perfect for creating a comfortable, safe, accurate and efficient surgical environment, greatly improving the quality of surgery to achieve the surgical success, best performance of physicians as well as the satisfaction of the patients.

Autostereoscopy 4K 3D Image
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